Friday, April 18, 2014


I have been avoiding the blog for many months because the last time I posted, I had almost killed Jacob. Since his near drowning incident last July, Jacob has been taking private swimming lessons. And private karate lessons. He also potty trained last November after he turned 5 years old. He can write his first name and recognizes numbers. Jacob continues to be amazing. Seriously. We never really knew what to expect in terms of his development, just that he would be delayed. But nobody told him. I spent a year or so cataloging every word and approximation he ever said because I didn't know how his speech would ultimately develop. During the latest cycle of his IEP, he almost didn't qualify for speech services because of how well he speaks and understands. Time and intervention. Jacob is also playing t-ball this year through our community's "Challenger Division" for children with disabilities. Jacob is our Jim Abbott (MLB pitcher born without a right hand). I watched a video of how Jim Abbott played and then showed Jacob how to tuck his mitt under his armpit to get the ball out and throw it. Our next adventure may be a trip to New York this summer. We are waiting to hear if Jacob has been accepted to participate in a study to evaluate bi-manual therapy (using two hands as opposed to only using the affected hand). Research. Progress. I will post again once we know something...

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