Monday, May 21, 2012


If I had a girl? She would probably be just like her father too and I would be completely outnumbered in my house. Boys are easy because you don't have to do their hair and they look good with dirt on them. Girls are more challenging. I think. I know. I am a high school teacher. Honestly? I do not wonder if this baby will have a cerebrovascular accident or suffer from a rare catastrophic disorder. But I do want to be sure that this pregnancy is carefully monitored. I found a new obstetrician because after I told the last one what had happened to Jacob, his only response was that it was "fairly common". The new obstetrician delivered Matthew Jr. and I feel very confident and secure with him. We are almost nine weeks along and I have been so intolerable at times that there must be some baby estrogen interacting with my own. It would also explain the nausea that I have had for a few weeks that I never had with my boys. Nonsense. It's kind of nice to just think about nonsense for a while:)

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