Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time Travel

I remember when I was searching for information about infantile spasms and hemiparesis and perinatal stroke. I was not looking for babies. I was looking for adults.

I needed to know what to expect for Jacob.

I have gone through the stages of grief.

I have recognized that the past and the future are for time travelers.

I remember a year ago, Jacob was "quarantined" after his second pneumonia in preparation for his hemispherectomy surgery in December. And eleven months after surgery... Jacob remains seizure free and medication free.

His right hand is tight. Very tight. But I have found the perfect therapy for him. Clapping. I extend his wrist and say "open your fingers" and I watch as he extends his fingers. Then I bring his left hand to his right and CLAP! He LOVES to clap his hands. He LOVES to "run" and "jump". He LOVES to be tickled. He LOVES piggy-back rides.

If there is another more perfect Jacob in some alternate reality, I would not know him and I would have the time travelers wish him well. My Jacob is my reality. He is beyond statistics and beyond prognoses. He is becoming all that I ever wished he might have been.


  1. There is not a more perfect Jacob. He is just...AWESOME!
    Grandma Christe

  2. Ya Jacobb!!! Got to love him, Bud

  3. This is awesome and I'm so glad to hear he's seizure free. Keep on clapping!!!! Thanks for linking up today and sharing your story.