Monday, August 9, 2010

"P" "h" "D"

I was studying discourse analysis in a doctoral program. I have been on a leave of absence and will probably have to withdraw from the program. No regrets. I am learning so much about language through Matthew and especially Jacob.

I wonder how the neurological pathways developed through Constraint Therapy affect the development of speech and language. During his first week of therapy, Jacob has been vocalizing more than ever before. He attempts to imitate consonant sounds like "s" and "p" and "h". He is telling us stories without words but uses his mouth and his voice. He responds to words with actions - for "pee-pee" he walks to the bathroom and gestures towards the toilet and for "Naughty Chair" he laughs at us and looks to find the Thomas the Train chair.

The right hemisphere of Jacob's brain is assuming the speech and language functions of the left because the tissue simply does not exist. I am hoping that the right hemisphere is also assuming the motor functions of the left that we are seeing through Constraint Therapy.

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