Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear "Followers"

To all who follow Jacob's blog, who carry the burden of our pain because we love Jacob so much... We would give an arm and a leg and even a brain if we could. We will see Jacob through this as we have done in this past year with our strength and support. Jacob is our hero. His will and desire are unparalleled and his tiny face gives us great hope.

Today will be a day to celebrate his accomplishments in the Constraint Therapy Program. As always, we have much to be grateful for. GO JACOB!


  1. Yes, Jacob is our hero. We celebrate and delight in his victories and cherish his loving and engaging spirit. He is a true gift. Jacob's mom and dad are also our heroes, as we have witnessed the courage,strength and dignity with which they have faced the many challenges bringing them to this day.
    God bless Jacob, Beth, Matt and Matthew.

  2. HI Jacob
    I have enjoyed watching you during this time of therapy. As a matter of fact there are a few teachers here at aunties school that stop in everyday and ask to see how you are doing so they are following you way up here in NY and praying for you. You are a little "trooper".
    Hang in there and keep smiling. love auntie Louise. see ya this summer..

  3. Jacob is a blessing in all of our lives...
    Grandma & Grandpa